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User messages, voice and invite leaderboards, made easy.
Just added? The bot starts tracking statistics as soon as it's invited to your server!


  1. 1.
    Install Waya on your server by going to get.waya.one.
  2. 2.
    Type the /leaderboards or /prompt leaderboards command.
  3. 3.
    Set the config how you everything want. (Need help?)
  4. 4.
    Send the command.
  5. 5.
    🎉 Done!
Waya message leaderboard


There are 2 different commands to show a leaderboard.
  • /leaderboard <type> <..> Shows a static leaderboard as a command reply.
  • /prompt leaderboard <type> <...........> Shows an updating leaderboard, updates all 20 minutes.

Features in words

With 🗨️ message tracking, the bot records all messages sent by a user, providing you with a clear understanding of their activity levels. Additionally, Waya also offers an 🔗 invite leaderboard, which displays the number of users a member has invited to the server. Last but not least, Waya 🔊 tracks the time your users where connected to a voice chat.
Shows how many messages a user has sent since they/the bot joined the server.
/leaderboard for member message count
Bot is required to have ViewChannel permissions in every channel.
Shows how long a user was in any voice channel with anyone else since they/the bot joined the server.
/leaderboard for member voice time
Bot is required to have ViewChannel permissions in every voice channel.
Shows the amount of members the user has invited since they/the bot joined the server.
/leaderboard for member invite count
Bot is required to have ManageGuild permissions.
Additionally, Waya's leaderboard feature allows you to configure a reward role for the top 3 most active users in message count and voice time. You can set this up in the /config > miscs > leaderboards > roles section of the bot.
setup top 3 roles of a category

Config Options

😍 Display Type

Choose a style how the user should get displayed:
  • User mention: @Coffee Girl (clickable)
  • Username: Coffee Girl
  • Nickname: Luna
  • Tag: Coffee Girl#8888 (soon to be @coffee_girl)
  • Id: 821472922140803112

🔥 Title

The title of the leaderboard embed.

🖼️ Thumbnail

The small image on the right site of the embed. (1 : 1 ratio)

🖼️ Image

The big image bellows the top listed users.
Small text on the very bottom of the embed.

🎨 Color

Who would have guessed, the color on the left side of the embed.

✨ Emote

The Emote used between the data and the user. You can use any default discord Emoji, most other Emojis and custom Emotes from the same guild.

💬 Quote

Chose if you want that intended quote thing (>) on the embed.

🔢 Rank / Number / User

Chose the format you want to use for those texts inside of the embed.
  • Bold (example)
  • Italic (example)
  • Underline (example)
  • Code (example)
  • None (example)


In conclusion, Waya's leaderboard feature is an incredibly powerful and engaging tool for any Discord server. With its comprehensive tracking and customization options, it offers more than many paid alternatives on the market. From message tracking to invite leaderboards to voice time tracking, the leaderboard feature helps keep your server active and engaging for all members. And the best part? It's completely free. Give your server the boost it deserves with Waya's leaderboard feature.