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Are you going away from your computer?


  • reason This will be shown to other users why you are away.\
User being Away from Keyboard

Features in words

The /afk command is a useful feature that lets others know when you're away from keyboard. Waya will automatically send a message with your reason for being away whenever someone mentions you, regardless of which guild you're in.
Waya will also remove your AFK status as soon as you send a message anywhere, so you don't have to worry about remembering to turn it off.


The AFK feature in Waya is an amazing addition to any Discord server. It allows users to easily notify others that they are away from their keyboard, without the need to constantly repeat themselves or miss important messages. The automatic removal of the AFK state once a user sends a message is especially helpful, as it ensures that users don't miss out on any conversations or updates once they return. With Waya's AFK feature, users can take breaks without worry, knowing that they won't miss anything important.