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Get user information, stats and pronouns.


  • user A Id or mention of the user you want to see, leave blank for yourself.
  • view Select if you want to view a user's invites or their profile, default is the profile.
  • visibility Choose if the command is publicly viewable or not, default is public.

Features in words

The /info command is a powerful tool that provides you with various information about a user in your server.
Firstly, it shows you the user's message count, allowing you to see how active they are in your community. /info also displays the user's voice time, letting you know how much time they have spent in voice channels.
The command also shows the date when the user's Discord account was created, can be used to identify potential fake or suspicious accounts. Moreover, it shows the date when the user joined the current Discord server and who invited them. (invite format: <inviter mention>, <invited members>)
Lastly, the /info command allows users to set their pronouns, which can help create a more inclusive environment in your server. Use /prompt pronouns to enable your users choosing their pronouns.
You can also like their profile and accessing the links of their avatars and banners. Additionally, if a user has set a per-guild avatar, Waya can provide a link to that as well.


The /info command in Waya is an incredible tool for anyone looking to learn more about a user in their Discord server. With the ability to see a user's message count, voice time, account and server join dates, invite information, and even pronouns, the command provides a comprehensive profile of each user. Plus, the added bonus of being able to access links to their avatar, banner, and per-guild avatar (if set) makes it even more useful. And let's not forget the ability to like profiles, which encourages positive engagement and community building. All in all, these features make Waya an essential tool for anyone looking to create a thriving, engaging Discord community.