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Get Enterprise and amazing features for yourself and your Guilds!


  • guild The guild Id of the server you want to buy premium for, leave blank to manage them.
Adding premium to a server

Features in words

Please read https://waya.one/enterprise for the newest set of Premium features!


Unlock Waya's premium features for just EUR 3.21 per month and take your Discord server to the next level. With infinite tags, you have unlimited customization options at your fingertips. Stickymessages in up to 50 channel. Enjoy 36 tag placeholders to create dynamic responses and engage your community. Assign up to 10 join roles to create a personalized and welcoming experience. Utilize up to 15 join channel pings to notify members and keep them engaged. Level roles give you the ability to reward and recognize active community members with 25 available level roles. Choose from 7 different captcha types to enhance server security. Unlocking Waya's premium features allows you to customize your server in unique and exciting ways.